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While an education can be obtained anywhere, it takes a special place to ignite passion, instill responsibility and honor God. At Life A New Preparatory Academy, we support and challenge all children to be participants, not spectators.

Academically, socially and spiritually teachers understand students’ needs and consistently provide them with support and tools that allow them to reach their full potential. At LAPA, we’re training a generation for the Kingdom of God.

See for yourself, why parents and grandparents all around the city are choosing Life A New Preparatory Academy.

World Renowned Curriculum

The Academy utilizes the ABeka curriculum for the preschool plus ABeka and Bob Jones’ curriculum for elementary grade levels. The program develops children’s reading ability by introducing words as PHONICS. The A Beka Book approach to Christian education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. The materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practical application.

Educational Partnerships

Educational Partnerships with leading programs add arts, culture, history and science offer well rounded theory and practical application to the student learning experience. Additionally, field trips, workshops, and a variety of other learning experiences are built into the school’s annual plan. Computer and physical education classes are also provided for the elementary students. An onsite Computer Lab is available to all elementary grade levels which focuses on computer competency, mathematics, and English skills.

Exceptional Staff

It is important that every child enrolled in the Academy has a positive school experience. Our faculty play a vital role in accomplishing this task by creating a loving and peaceful atmosphere in the classroom. They are dedicated to work as partners with parents in providing good care to the children they teach. We want to build up every child on a strong foundation that will equip them for life.

Parent Community

At Life A-New Preparatory Academy we understand that it takes a village to raise children. That is why we have a dynamic parent community led by our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF). Its purpose is to support the school with fundraising, keeping parents connected and informed while providing parents with resources to aid them in arming their student with tools for lifelong success. When you JOIN IN your child WINS!

Come See For Yourself

While our brochure offers a wealth of information about the educational opportunity available at Life A New Preparatory Academy, nothing can replicate the experience of visiting our campus. We welcome the opportunity to give you a personalized tour.

Life A-New Preparatory Academy

12401 Byars Road Grandview, Missouri 64030
Phone: 816.966.8989
Fax: 816.966.9533