Our Pastors


Apostle Keith Wesley

 Apostle Keith Wesley is the senior pastor and founder of New Life in Christ International Ministries.  He has been in the gospel ministry for 37 years, and has been a pastor for 28 years. 


He and his lovely wife Lisa have been married for 42 years and they have 2 sons and 9 grandchildren.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Northwest Missouri State University in radio and television broadcast.  Apostle Wesley is a part of the 7,000 More Covenant Church Fellowship under Apostle H. L. Horton.


Apostle Wesley has a burning passion to see revival and restoration come to church and a great harvest of souls from the world.  God has given him a vision to build godly families, and to bridge the racial, gender, generational, denominational, and geographical gaps that divide the Body of Christ.  He is a firm believer in household salvation and knows that the Word of God is the answer for the whole man-spirit, soul, and body.  His anointed and energetic style of preaching the Word of God will greatly build up your faith and strengthen you in your walk with the Lord.


Pastor Lisa Wesley

Pastor Lisa Wesley is an ordained minister and teacher of the Word of God.  Having been brought up in the church, she has always had a love for God and a desire to know and teach His Word.  In 1980, she was filled with the Holy Ghost.  This wonderful experience gave her an increased love for the Lord and His Word.  It also transformed her from being a quiet and timid person to a bold and daring teacher.

Lisa is a firm believer in the scripture stated in Joel 2:28 that God is pouring out His spirit on all flesh, and He has uniquely called and anointed women to “joint dominion” with men, to walk “along side” them, yet not lose their femininity or their God-given role as women.  She also has a burden to see the younger women being mentored by the older women.

She has been married for 42 years, and is the proud mother of two sons, who have blessed her with nine grandchildren.  She co-pastors with her husband, Apostle Keith A. Wesley, Sr. at New Life in Christ International Ministries in Grandview, Missouri.  They also host a radio ministry in the Kansas City area called “Arrows of Deliverance” on KGGN 890 AM.

Pastor Lisa oversees the women’s ministry in her church called, “Trophies of Grace.”  Presently, she serves on the Advisory Board and is the Administrator for Life A-New Preparatory Academy, which is located on the New Life in Christ campus.